San Diego, California

“SC is very different in that I can follow a plan other than researching my own materials to provide to the client…I like the structure; it actually provides the Family support worker with materials and hands on experience to supply to the client.” -Anya-


“Having the Safe Care Coaches shadow the home visits and weekly phone calls were very helpful to get clarification on implementing the modules, it also created a great support group to swap experiences and ideas with other case managers.” -Carlyann


“I found the training positive because it was an opportunity to learn a new program that addresses needs [for families] in a concrete way, such as the Health Module where hands on learning takes place…The programs that I have used in the past were much less structured and few if any had baseline and follow-up assessments.” -Fran-


“What I like about SafeCare is that it is easier for clients to practice what they learn when we provide them tools (safety locks, handouts, cleaning supplies, etc).” -Martha-


Atlanta, Georgia

“The training was extremely valuable and I believe it will be instrumental in developing me into a very proficient trainer.” -anonymous-


“The trainers were very helpful at providing useful information. They did a wonderful job!” -anonymous-


“The trainers were well prepared and enthusiastic about the materials.” -anonymous-


Yakima, Washington

“This is an AMAZING new community resource for high risk families in our county and I wish they could double, triple, quadruple the number of families with whom they build relationships promoting health and safety, educational readiness and connection with the greater community. In all my years as a public health nurse working with high risk families, this is the most comprehensive and effective service I have encountered for preventative public health.” -Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital-

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