You may be interested in SafeCare because it is an evidenced-based program for preventing child maltreatment. To achieve the best outcomes, SafeCare must be properly implemented. NSTRC’s training model was developed based on research.Levels of Safecare

NSTRC offers three levels of training, Provider, Coach, and Trainer, that build on one another. Provider training is the core training on how to implement SafeCare. Coach training includes all of Provider training plus additional training for onsite coaching of SafeCare Providers. Onsite coaching is required by NSTRC to implement SafeCare. Trainer training may be offered to individuals who have completed Provider and Coach Training and have experience working in both areas. Individuals who complete SafeCare Trainer training and are certified can train individuals (at their site) to become SafeCare Providers and Coaches.

All SafeCare trainings:

  • Are conducted at your site. NSTRC Trainers will travel to your location.
  • Require completion of a workshop and live demonstration of skills.
  • Are based on the same principles of behavioral skill acquisition that forms that basis of the SafeCare parenting program.
  • Include workshops with some didactic presentations, and extensive role plays and practice of skills to mastery levels. All trainings include extensive modeling of skills, trainee practice with feedback that leads to skill mastery.
  • Are conducted with low trainer to trainee ratios of 1:3 or 1:4 at the most.
  • Include demonstration with feedback on real-world implementation.
  • Include technical support with implementation and quality assurance from NSTRC for up to one year.
  • Include all documents needed to implement, coach, or train SafeCare, and includes the ability to download materials as they are updated.

Please contact the National SafeCare Training and Research Center for more information about the program and activities.