Georgia FAQ

 To become a Home Visitor you must have a minimum of a Bachelors degree in any of the following preferred areas: Social Work, Social Sciences, Psychology, Sociology, Child Education, or Early Child Education. A copy of the official college transcript for all trainees must be submitted with the application for SafeCare training.
 Although there is no compensation or reimbursement for classroom training time, GA DFCS has provided the funding for SafeCare® training for approved agencies. Thus, there are no training costs for agencies contracted with DFCS who provide in-home services. There is a substantial investment by GA DFCS. There are a few costs for supplies to deliver the SafeCare® model. These costs are typically less than $100 per home visitor and are reimbursed within the SafeCare® pay rate.
 To bill for SafeCare services, your agency must have a FVS/SafeCare contract with the Regional/County DFCS office. Trained providers with Family Visitation Services contracts will receive payment reimbursement for SafeCare services through UAS Code 571 and/or 573 under Family Visitation Services. Fieldwork is only reimbursable with a SafeCare referral and SHINES Service Authorization. For more information please contact Kim Lee.
It is critical that you begin implementation immediately following the SafeCare workshop, and NSTRC strongly recommends that you have families identified prior to workshop training. NSTRC and DFCS will be glad to assist you in discussing SafeCare with your local DFCS offices. If you do not have a referral from DFCS, you can work with a non-DFCS referred family for the purposes of certification. This may mean that you will not be compensated for that family, but it will help you to reach certification within 180 days and be included on the FVS/SafeCare approved provider listing.
Your agency’s staff must be certified in 180 days. Please note that your agency is responsible for securing families for trained staff to serve in order to reach certification.
All Family Visitation Services/SafeCare sessions conducted in GA are recorded for purposes of quality assurance. Audio recordings are reviewed by SafeCare trainers and coaches as part of the certification process and to monitor fidelity. Digital recorders are necessary because they allow for the digital transmission to GA SafeCare trainers through the online SafeCare Portal. During training, you will learn how to use the SafeCare Portal to share paperwork and audio files with your GA SafeCare trainer. Online digital files must be archived. In addition to uploading audio files to the SafeCare Portal, all Home Visitors must download the audio files onto a disc and place in the case file. DFCS will review audio files during routine record audits.
No. Online files, tapes, and archived discs should be destroyed six months after completion of the program.
A workshop trained (pre-certification) Home Visitor can see up to 2 families initially. Once certified, the Home Visitor can carry up to 12 SafeCare families in their caseload at one time.
You must have an FVS/SafeCare contract (or PSSF funds) in order to receive SafeCare referrals directly from DFCS. However, NSTRC encourages you to utilize the Family Visitation Services/SafeCare program with any other clients in your caseload that may benefit from the program. Please note that in order to be reimbursed for providing Family Visitation Services/SafeCare services that the referrals must come from DFCS. 
SafeCare was designed to be implemented with children between the ages of 0 and 5. While it is likely that many of the skills taught in the SafeCare program can be useful for families with children older than 5, the research that has demonstrated the effectiveness of SafeCare has only focused on children ages 0 to 5.


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