Georgia Agency Training

Any agency in the state of Georgia that serves parents at risk for maltreatment with children ages 0-5 can apply for training. Once the agency is awarded a SafeCare Augmented contract then they will be eligible for training. Agencies must register with the State at the Team Georgia Marketplace at It is highly recommended that eligible agencies have a minimum of two staff to be trained, have a client base that matches risk profile, and complete all of the application requirements for Family Visitation Services/SafeCare training. Please note that all individuals who will implement Family Visitation Services/SafeCare are required by DFCS to have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in a human services field (e.g., social work, psychology, etc.) and submit a copy of their official college transcript with the application for training.
SafeCare Training is a significant financial investment. However, there is no cost to your agency to be trained if you have a contract with Georgia DFCS.
Each agency that receives training will have providers who provide Family Visitation Services/SafeCare services to families. Coaching of these providers will be conducted by an NSTRC Training Specialist to ensure that the curriculum is being conducted as designed. For a more detailed description see NSTRC’s general training page.

Before beginning training, all trainees, as well as the agency contact person, are required to participate in a SafeCare orientation. The orientation is a 1 hour webinar in which NSTRC will provide you with information about SafeCare and how it is implemented. The goal is to give you a clear understanding of why GA DFCS is implementing Family Visitation Services/SafeCare, how training is conducted, and how SafeCare will be implemented. The orientation is critical for helping your agency know what to expect during training, and to answer and address all your questions and concerns.

SafeCare training begins with a workshop and continues with fieldwork supervised by a GA SafeCare Trainer. As part of SafeCare training, trainees must demonstrate skills via role plays, and complete quizzes to demonstrate mastery of knowledge.

Providers will participate in a five-day Provider Workshop and one-day Family Visitation Services Forms Workshop, for a total of 6 instruction days. Once workshop training is completed, the providers will have up to 180 days to become certified as a Provider.

It will take a few months from the beginning of the workshop training for you to become SafeCare certified. After completing the workshop portion of training, trainees must demonstrate skills in the field with a training case. However, NSTRC sees learning as an ongoing process that will continue for months and even years.
We will attempt to arrange training at a location convenient for you. If you are able to host a training at your agency for your staff (and possibly staff from other agencies), please indicate so on your application.
NSTRC and DFCS will ask you to start small with 2-3 Providers and you must demonstrate successful implementation before having additional staff trained.
There are a few additional resources that each trainee will need. Please review the recommended list for the Home Visitor Kit. Additional materials may be needed for each family that receives SafeCare. These materials will be reviewed during your orientation.

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