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AHRQ SafeCare Training Opportunity – RFA Posted

The NSTRC is now accepting applications for a grant funded training and implementation support opportunity. Applications should be emailed to emcfry1@gsu.edu by 5:00pm ET, December 19th, 2014. Please see the following links for the application and accompanying guidebook:

SafeCare Site AHRQ Application and SafeCare Site Guide Book. For more information on completing the application, view the Applying for SafeCare Training Webinar.


SafeCare Presents at Pennsylvania State University Conference

Our very own Director of the Center for Healthy Development, Associate Dean of Public Health at Georgia State University, and Distinguished University Professor, Dr. John R. Lutzker, recently presented at Penn State’s May 2014 Conference on Child Protection and Well-being.

Click below to view Dr. Lutzker’s presentation entitled “Getting the Most Juice from the Squeeze: Where SafeCare and Other EBPs Need to Evolve to Better Protect Children.” 

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